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It is believed that Amsterdam would be the best place for dating in the world with a number of romantic restaurants.
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The reason why romantic Amsterdam was chosen to be the scene of love in tear-jerker The Fault in Our Stars is based on its full-package of dreamy things for couple, such as twinkling lights reflecting on the canals, cobbled hump-back bridges, etc. It is believed that Amsterdam would be the best place for dating in the world with a number of romantic restaurants.

The list of 5 best romantic restaurants in Amsterdam below here is gently made for you and your partner!


  1. De Kas

Located in East Amsterdam at the beautiful recreational Park Frankendael, De Kas is an incredible building with a series of shining glass greenhouse form, the restaurant itself is surrounded by its own garden that consists many kinds of fragrant herbs by the doorstep. It is all used to prepare dishes. Supplemented by local meats and seafood, the restaurant creates its daily-changing menu with food served farm to table. Fashioned from a circa-1926 greenhouse, this delightful establishment promises airy, romantic dining. Patio dining is sublime during warm-weather months. It is believed that this restaurant’s ambiance was the inspiration behind the romantic dinner scene in The Fault in Our Stars.


  1. Caffè Toscanini

This restaurant specializes in Southern Italian cuisine and stays the mark with its homemade local food, that’s why it is loved by so many people. Caffè Toscanini has a spacious dining room, punctuated by skylights and an open kitchen. Fresh bread and pastas, Italian wines, and authentic meat and seafood dishes convince patrons to return again and again. To increase the options in their menu, this restaurant has daily special to serve customers. There are too much for you to have a romantic night here with your partner and the Chef’s table is recommended for you to make a reservation.


  1. Spectrum (previously Librije’s Zusje)

If you are looking for a Michelin-star restaurant to dine out with your partner, Spectrum is the perfect spot in town. This restaurant delivers to you a gastronomical experience. Surprisingly, you can have your meal that is totally different from anything you have ever tasted before due to its vegetarian fusion menu of Western and Asian cuisine. Spectrum can serve you a wide variety of dishes of vegetarian options. In May 2018, it was crowned the best vegetarian restaurant in the country. Making it possible for everyone to enjoy high-quality, Michelin-star-worthy food without a hint of meat.


  1. RED

If you are into surf and turf meal, RED is a destination in Amsterdam that you will definitely not want to miss. Dinning in RED’s elegant room with mirrored walls, velvet armchairs, plush cushions, and enormous zebra-print rug on the floor must be the most unforgettable memory in your anniversary. Furthermore, RED definitely provides a distinctive dining experience with lobsters or beef fillet prepared in one of two styles. Complement your selection with a nice glass of wine, or close the evening by trying one of the chef’s delectable desserts, such as the warm chocolate tart or tarte au citron vert.


  1. Café Restaurant Riva

Ideally, you can have dinner on the waterfront in your anniversary, and Café Restaurant Riva must be the perfect selection that you desire. Riva is a hidden gem on the river Amstel in East Amsterdam with great food and beautiful views. Due to its location, it’s floating. In the warm weather months, you can sit close to the water and watch the locals sail by in their boats. Riva defines itself by an international cuisine in a classic menu and an extensive wine list. This location is super romantic and perfect for a date!



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