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Ice cream is a favorite snack of many people, introduced to Vietnam in the early 20th century. At that time, Saigon became one of the first places that people could enjoy this dish in Vietnam. Ice cream is becoming an great way to cool us down on the hot days of summer.

1. Kem Bo Gia

This ice cream shop stays in the childhood memories of many Saigoneses. Established 30 years ago, Kem Bo Gia still keeps its antique in the floral tiles and old paintings. With a cozy and quiet space, its familiar customers are usually families.

Vanilla Rum, Milk Coffee and Coconut Ice Cream are recommended as must-try dishes. In addition, the toppings make ice creams become more delicious, such as: fresh fruits, waffle rolls, cherries, sprinkles, .etc. Their taste is smooth and very creamy.

Mega Boat Ice Cream
2. Bach Dang Ice Cream

Located in the heart of Saigon, Bach Dang ice cream was born nearly 10 years after Kem Bo Gia. The atmosphere is also quiet and suitable for couples dating or families. The restaurant has air conditioning and elevators to serve customers on higher floors, for when they are too crowded.

The most famous dish is Coconut Ice Cream with many different flavors; the second most popular is “ice cream and Choux”. There are also many others like Banana Ice Cream, Boat Ice Cream, Sunny Ice Cream, etc. Each order brings a lot, so you should consider before ordering!

Choux & Ice Cream
3. Kem Nhan Chu Tam (Mr. Tam’s Longan Ice Cream)

Kem Nhan Chu Tam is the first place to bring longan ice cream to Saigon people. It is a small space on a bustling street.

Longan Ice Cream is made from fresh fruit and selected carefully in the garden. It is blended and added to whipped cream and the other flavors. Lastly, the dish is served with peanuts. Furthermore, Chu Tam still has the other flavors like “Bac Siu”, Soya, Custard – apple, etc.

Longan Ice Cream
4. Hai Thuong Lan Ong Ice Cream

Hai Thuong Lan Ong Ice Cream has been a street vendor for a long time. It has an amazing larder with full-color ice creams and different flavors like durian, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, etc.

Instead of serving customers with scoops, the ice cream shop cuts them into thin rectangular prisms. Then they add copra, peanuts, jams and syrups. Ice cream is served with sponge cake on the side that you can make an “ice cream – hamburger” and enjoy.

Mixed Ice Cream (Taken by: @minhminh.pham306)
5. Trang Tien Ice Cream

Rich with history, Trang Tien Ice Cream is a well-known culinary brand of Hanoi, established 60 years ago in Trang Tien street. Until now, this brand has many branches throughout the country, such as Son La, Tuyen Quan, Buon Ma Thuoc, Ho Chi Minh, etc.

The flavors are with traditional ingredients like green rice, mung beans, coconut, cacao, taro, etc. and no topping. In addition to corns and popsicles, the shop also sells ice cream and mochi boxes for taking away.

In Saigon, Trang Tien ice cream is not mentioned as much as other brands. However, it still keeps its traditional taste for Hanoians far from home and culinary lovers.

Vanilla Ice Cream
6. Kem Bo Da Lat (Cream Da Lat)

Kem Bo Da Lat is one of the first ice cream shops selling this specialty of Vietnam’s flower city. The shop is airy on the sidewalk and has mobile awnings. Around it, there are many local restaurants with various dishes, such as Bun Bo, Hu Tieu, Banh Canh Cua, Grilled chicken legs, etc. so that you can have a convenient meal nearby.

Avocado is blended smoothly with condensed milk, then added to coconut cream or vanilla on the top. Kem Bo is super sweet and creamy with a little bit of crunch from the coconut corpa.

Avocado Ice Cream
7. Bui Vien Coconut Ice Cream

Xoi Dua Bui Vien is a small trolley in Bui Vien street that is always in rush periods.

This dish has sticky rice and ice cream served in a half coconut, plus corn, dried coconut, coconut jelly and peanuts. Soft and fluffy sticky rice combined with cold ice cream brings to strange but unique sensation to the mouth.

Sticky rice – coconut ice cream originates from Thai cuisine, which is considered as a trendy dish for the youth of Saigon recently.

Sticky rice CoConut

In addition to local dishes, Saigon collects other foreign ice cream firms such as Baskin Robbins, Swensen’s, Dairy Queen, etc. satisfying the foodies for discoveries ❤️



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