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This cocktail bar starts our new chapter into a section of our website dedicated to our favorite watering holes:
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This unique little bar is loaded with character, fine drinks and the entertaining hospitality of the host. Smiling bartenders, fresh ingredients, tucked away from the main thoroughfare, Birdy bar is above and beyond our favorite Cocktail bar.

Streatery Vietnam
Birdy’s mixologists hard at work

Ken came to Vietnam years ago, forming part of the ballooning Japanese expat population in those times. Ken  fell in love with the laid back lifestyle and old-school way of doing things in Vietnam. He especially liked the small family-run brick and mortar shops selling common items to fulfill your daily household needs This had become an expired commodity in his native Japan,  in lieu of big chain supermarkets. He and his wife work full time as interior designers, their office just a rocks-throw away from Birdy itself. If you catch Ken at Birdy itself, he’s like a bar fixture, always socializing with the crowd, drink in hand, loud, rambunctious and full of insane stories that will make you laugh until you cry.

Streatery Vietnam
calm before the storm

This tiny spot located on Pham Viet Chanh, street on the edge of Binh Thanh, in what some consider the “new Japan town”, has an unbeatable ambiance, and a phenomenal selection of mixed drinks to boot. The friendly staff handle the mixology tools expertly delivering amazing drinks every time. If one were to ask Ken what drinks they should get, he will enthusiastically declare two things: One is that a bar can be judged based on how good their Negroni is, followed by his guarantee that Birdy produces some of the best “sours” in town. The whiskey and Gin sours are made with the finest eggs, on a secret farm, run by a fellow Japanese expat, and these eggs have been completely sterilized.

Streatery Vietnam

A bar can be judged based on how good their Negroni is, followed by his guarantee that Birdy produces some of the best “sours” in town.

In the opinion of the author, one of the unique offerings which Birdy boasts of, that few others can boast of, is the arrival of the locally made “Belami↵” rum. A french-run distillery which uses local products, specifically a sugarcane base to make one of the tastiest Rums, produced in Asia. The Belami rum available at Birdy is best served on its own with ice, as a Belami sour, with a splash of soda, or mixed with orange juice.   Another one of our favorites is the French liquor, Pastis. As many may know, HCMC is packed with an ever growing number of French expats, helping to propagate the ever popular Pastis through dozens of bars in the city. However Birdy hosts one of the best brands producing this Anis-based liqueur: the Henri Bourdin pastis. This is the smoothest Pastis we have ever had the pleasure of trying.

Streatery Vietnam
From above

Some of our favorite drinks at Birdy are:

  1. Negroni – 150,000VND
  2. Gin Sour – 120,000VND
  3. Belami Rum drinks (ask for the usual drinks mixed with rum, like the screwdriver, however the rum is so full of flavour, our favorite was simply Belami with soda on the rocks and the Belami Sour.
  4. henri bourdin pastis –  130,000VND

This is a small part of their comprehensive menu, comprised of a huge variety of Shochu, Sake, Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Tequila and a few craft beers.

Streatery Vietnam
rambunctious Ken

This is a collaboration with our friends at STREATERY

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