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Be sure to check out this list of 9 best places to go eat like a local in Amsterdam!
Phan TrucSeptember 6, 20199 min

Although Amsterdam is packed with hundreds of cuisine from every corner of the world and it’s home to both casual and gourmet restaurants of about every food you can think of, there are several quintessential places that you should seek out at least once while visiting this city. Be sure to check out this list of 9 best places to go eat like a local in Amsterdam!


  1. Best for breakfast

The best stop for your first meal of the day is at a café. People in Amsterdam usually start their day with a bang, courtesy of a delicious pastry and coffee. Cafés here are all amazing. They are so unique and have something different, exciting to test out. So make sure you will try it like a local. Some of the best ones are: Coffee and Coconuts, Bam Boa, and Scandinavian Embassy.


  1. Best for lunch

There are more than enough lunch places to choose in Amsterdam. But to locals, they would love to choose restaurants where have delicious ingredients, unique menus, aesthetic interiors. And there are a few places that are stand out: De Ysbreeker famous with its Dutch brasserie food, Vegan Junk Food Bar that serves an entirely vegan menu with some of the most delicious offerings ever, or the lovely cozy De Bakkerswinkel.

After lunch, you must get a Dutch stroopwafel. This is a sweet treat that was created in Amsterdam that everyone becomes addicted to it. You can find it at various grocery stores, street stands, or get a special one from van Wonderen Stroopwafels.


  1. Best for dinner

De Foodhallen is a top choice. It’s a super exciting eating concept: a huge hall that is filled with different food trucks of restaurants from around the city, and anyone can easy to find something they like: specialty hot dogs, frozen yogurt, pizza, ice-cream, gin and tonics, and more! Not only to the tourists, this place is also attractive to the locals.


  1. Best for nightlife activities

When there is the sunset and the lights turn on, Amsterdam comes alive! There are a lot of fun things to do in Amsterdam at night. And one of the best is heading to Sky Lounge. It’s a upscale bar that has impressive cocktails and live DJs in house every night. But the best part is the stunning views you can get from the terrace. It’s truly magical when you can see all of Amsterdam lit up from above.

So, there you have it. Follow this guide to experience those wonderful places and enjoy the very best of Amsterdam cuisine, like a real local!



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