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Grilled dishes are served following two main forms: Self- served grill and available (pre-prepared) grill. Some tips are for you to have a delicious barbecue, as well as stay in good health.
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Grilling is a popular cooking method, using dry heat to cook and create a deeper flavor for foods. There are many ways to grill, such as using charcoal/ wood or using an electric oven or pan.

In restaurants, grilled dishes are served following two main forms: Self- served grill and available (pre-prepared) grill. With its variety and elaborate marination, grilled dishes increasingly attract diners and bring cultures together.

This article will mention some tips for you to have a delicious barbecue, as well as stay in good health.

1. Marination

This process is an essential step of soaking foods in a marinade before cooking so that foods can stay fresh, soft and will not dry out during grilling.

At the Korean restaurants, pork is the main meat used, with different sauces such as BBQ, Bulgogi and Galbi. Japanese grilled foods have no or less marinade; here the key ingredient is beef. In Vietnam, grilled dishes are often seasoned with common ingredients such as five spices, fish sauce, lemongrass, turmeric, chili, pepper, etc. for both meat and seafood.


Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

2. Grill

The restaurant may provide butter or vegetable oil or lard to sweep on the grid or pan to keep the meat from burning. If you don’t have them, you can use an oily sauce of any marinated meat or a piece of fatty meat.

Divide the grid into 3 parts:

+ Central area: high heat, used to grill thick large meat. When the grill lines appear on the entire surface, then turn the it over. When both sides are cooked, cut the meat into pieces, then re-cook after cutting.

+ Middle area: medium and stable heat, used to grill thick, small or thin, low-fat meats. Grill as above, but there’s no need to re-cook after cooking.

+ Outer area: low heat, used to grill thin and fatty meat. Similar to the other areas, however, just eat a mouthful of meat.

Grilled meat should not be overturned in order to prevent the meat from being ruined. After the meat is cooked, wait for 3-5 minutes to let the meat release the smoke. Absolutely do not eat the fire-blackened pieces!

Grill Dishes in K-Pub BBQ

3. Side Dishes

Korean-style means often wrapping meat with vegetables to eat with grilled kimchi, garlic, green peppers and panchan (side dishes served in Korea), dipping into Ssamjang sauce.

Meanwhile, at Japanese restaurants, vegetables are grilled and served with roasted carrots in the central area, pumpkin, potatoes or sliced ​​onions grilled in the middle plus, on the outside, mushrooms, tomatoes, and the steamed corn.

In the Vietnam, the vegetables on the table have two types: grilled like okra, bell peppers, mushrooms, etc. or uncooked ones like lettuce, herbs, perilla or rolled with rice paper.

In addition to vegetables, rice, noodles or soups also help balance the taste. However, it is recommended to choose side dishes with a lighter taste because the grilled dishes already have a bold flavor with their sauces.

Side dishes in Hansol Restaurant

4. Drinks

Many people have a habit of drinking beer or soft drinks while eating grilled foods to quickly digest. However, this combination brings with it some unhealthy results.

Alternatively, soju or rice wine has quite low alcohol content which and can complement the taste of grilled foods even better.

Or try tea with a sour and cool taste, which has the same advantage.

Tasaki BBQ

5. Desserts

Do you think about cold foods like dessert soups, ice creams or jellies for dessert?

In fact, after eating, you should drink some water and nibble a few slices of fruits, then switch to cold food. This keeps your digestion from changing too suddenly from high to low temperatures.

6. Notes

– Remind staff to refill the circle under the broiler if the water has dried up. This water is used to ensure the meat isn’t dry and hard, especially with non-seasoned meat.

– You should only eat grilled foods twice a week.


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