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The restaurant that you should not try even once, because I am afraid that you will be crushed it! <3
Almira HadesJuly 4, 20196 min

Beefsteak has become a familiar dish in Saigon, from the 5-star European style to the variations by the locals. In the local restaurants, they try to convey harmony in European-Vietnamese style and bring a simple, rustic ambiance to their dinners. Here is one of the restaurants that you can enjoy.

Opening Hour: 11:00 – 23:00 | Address: 489/29/20 Huynh Van Banh, Phu Nhuan District

 Over 10 years in Saigon, Le Hong Beefsteak attracts diners not only for its delicious food but also the kind and friendly staff. It is a little bit difficult to find out the restaurant’s location in the deep alley, Huynh Van Banh – nearly by the railway. However, the search is worth it, as the restaurant is a large, neat and clean space with free parking.

Beefsteak is served in the Vietnamese-style with thick slices of meat cooked according to requested doneness (rare – medium – well), plus an omelet egg, onions, a cube piece of pate and a spoonful of melted butter. It’s traditionally served with bread, salad or you can order other side dishes, French fries.

Bo Thap Cam 87k ~ 4USD

Marinated beef is bold, tender, very tasty and features an optional black pepper. Vinaigrette salad with tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber is decorated with coriander and easily enjoyed no matter how much you hate vegetables. The potatoes are cut into pieces before being fried in order to be crispy on the outside, while remaining soft and sweet inside.

French fried 15k ~ 0.5USD

In addition, the restaurant will impress you with their menu of varying juices and smoothies. There range from familiar drinks such as oranges, carrots, tomatoes, etc to the signature of the restaurant such as mixtures of carrot – pineapple – custard apple or corpa centella.

Corpa Centella and Durian Avocado Smoothies 54k ~ 2.5USD

If you intend to order food and nibble with some bottles/cans of beer, keep in mind that the restaurant allows each person to drink the one and only bottle/can with no exceptions. As a result, their customers are still conscious enough when they leave the restaurant.

The price is slightly expensive, however, you should not try even once, because I am afraid that you will be amazed by it!

In addition, you can also refer to these restaurants:



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