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“Sleepless City” is what people usually say about Saigon. Because buildings, architectural works, and streets become more prominent with vibrant lights, the life of Saigon at night is completely different from the busy daytime...
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“Sleepless City” is what people usually say about Saigon. Because buildings, architectural works, and streets become more prominent with vibrant lights, the life of Saigon at night is completely different from the busy daytime as it gets later and later with lots of activities to experience like eating, drinking, entertaining, chilling, and sometimes even healing. This takes the lively city to a whole new level.

Saigon by night

With so many options when it comes to food alone from deciding exactly where and when to eat amidst a sea of options, let us help you out when the night falls. After you’ve sampled all the food you can handle for the day, take a look at some of our favorite ways to spend an evening in Saigon!

1. Fantastic Rooftop Bars

With no shortage of world-class options, rooftop bars are the best places to enjoy the night while being in Saigon. With fantastic panoramic views of the charming city, classy cocktails, chilled-out music, and excellent service, Saigon’s rooftop bars attract certain crowds of young locals and expats every night, both weekday and weekend alike. Suitable for dating and also for groups, spending the night at a rooftop bar never fails you.

Social Club, Hotel des Arts

Best rooftop bars in Saigon:

–       SOHY Sky Lounge & Dining

–       Social Club Saigon

–       Chill Sky Bar

–       Glow SkyBar

–       Level 23 Wine Bar

2. 24/7 Coffee Shops

These days, with an always-bustling daytime life, spending time sipping a cup of coffee or tea and chatting with friends in a coffee shop isn’t always an option. Fear not, as “always open” cafes with different styles have popped up all over the city, forming a new culture of young locals in Saigon. From stories that can last all night to deep chat about your hopes and dreams, don’t sleep, grab your besties and spend the whole night with them at any 24/7 coffee shop you may find in Saigon!

Three O’ Clock Coffee

Relevant picks for you:

–       Three O’ Clock Coffee

–       Mylife Coffee Tran Hung Dao

–       Ca phe Ghe Dau

–       Ca phe Vy

–       Ca phe Vot

3. Night Markets

When you’re on the hunt for cheap gems, look no further than the night markets of Saigon. If you’re interested in Vietnamese traditional hand-madecrafts, local styles of clothes and accessories, or finding souvenirs for your family and friends at home, night markets in Saigon are absolutely paradises for you. Moreover, enjoying street foods in night markets is among the best ways to get all variety from nearby street vendors in one place!

Ben Thanh Market

Night markets you may find interesting:

–       Ben Thanh Night Market

–       Ba Chieu Night Market

4. Cinema

Going out for cinemas late at night has become a new, interesting activity for young people living in Saigon. With increased popularity in recent years, ducking into a cinema at night is a relaxing escape for those who want to hide away from this chaotic city and peacefully enjoy their movie night. With two types of cinema, indoor and outdoor, we believe that you will find just what you need regardless of your preference.

L’amour Room, CGV Cinema

Suggestions for you:

–       CGV Cinema

–       BHD Cinema

–       Hừng Hoa Cinema

–       Yoko Cafe

5. Karaoke

After drinking some beers, to continue having extra fun, a private karaoke room with neon lights, disco balls, chandeliers or even a stage with a retro microphone is a must-try, especially when you are with a group of friends. Usually found with flashy decorations, karaoke bars in Saigon make you feel like you are a real superstar in your own stage. And there are many more reasons for a group of friends to go to Karaoke when beers and snacks are also available for sale at any of the karaoke bars in town!

Suggestions for you:

–      King Karaoke

–      Nnice Karaoke

You may have more interest in other activities that are not listed above, and whatever your idea of the perfect night out in Saigon is, just remember to make yourself a part of the night and, of course, not to sleep in Saigon!

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