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Museums are must-visit places when exploring the Netherlands, not only because of art but also coffee bars within each museum.
Phan TrucAugust 22, 20198 min

You may not pay much attention, but beside art, there is one special thing about Dutch museums: they are usually surrounded by coffee shops in public areas with passionate bartenders. Here is the list of top coffee bars in Dutch museums for art lovers and coffee enthussiasts alike.


  1. Gember – GEM Museum

This place is very popular with museum goers and employees of many international organizations in the area. It’s surrounded by inspiring pieces in the exhibition hall connecting the cafe to the museum and sculptures in front of the terrace. You will feel relaxed here because of not-too-loud music, sweet bartenders, Wi-Fi, newspapers, enough power outlets, and good coffee. They also serve free lemon-mint water. It’s a great stopover after your museum visit.


  1. EYE Coffee – EYE Film Museum

A casual cafe and bar with an impressive piece of architecture. It offers the most imaginably stunning views of the IJ harbour and Amsterdam’s Central Station. Of course this place also serves the incredible coffee, lunch, drinks, and dinner. EYE is an undoubtedly lovely spot to spend a little time just watching the world goes by.


  1. Hannema’s Museumbar – Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle

Step on the third floor of Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, you will see in the middle of the spacious white exhibition room is a white coffee bar with the best view of Zwolle’s historic center. Then, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a treat, a soft drink or a fine glass of wine. This place offers not only a splendid view, but also exceptional art that connects the museum and the bar perfectly.


  1. Het Nieuwe Café – Het Nieuwe Instituut

One of the most interesting coffee bars in Dutch museums in Rotterdam, and also an inspiring place to meet up throughout the day. It has a large terrace overlooking the pond and the space can be enlarged into the foyer of the Nieuwe Instituut. Especially, it always has a surprising lineup with different artists painting their art on the walls as well as music and dance performances. In this way, it creatively integrates the fact that people are in a museum.


  1. Café Roosenburgh – Uitvaartmuseum Tot Zover

A very special place located at a funeral museum sharing premises with a cemetery and crematorium. But the cafe manages well between validating people’s mourning and creating a welcoming atmosphere. The place is surrounded by the graveyard’s beautiful plants and trees. And you will feel really comfortable because of their lovely volunteers who serve such really good coffee and cakes.



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