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There are a lot of city parks in The Netherlands for people to escape the hustle and bustle of life, also to enjoy the healthy fresh air of summer.
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The Netherlands is a home to a lot of beautiful parks where people go to escape the hustle and bustle of city life as well as to enjoy the healthy fresh air of summer. These city parks in The Netherlands are not just a piece of land covered in green vegetation, but much more than that.


  1. Vondelpark in Amsterdam

It’s the most popular park in the city centre of Amsterdam for both locals and tourists. You can go here for a picnic or settling down at one of the welcoming terraces. It’s an excellent place to simply just sit and watch people pass by. You can even have a barbecue party in the designnated areas. Furthermore, in the park you’ll find a Blue Tea House – where you can enjoy coffee or snacks.


  1. Amsterdamse Bos in Amsterdam

Outside the city centre, it lies one of the world’s biggest city parks. Amsterdamse Bos is today a real forest, but because it has been planned and arranged, many facilities have been created for sports and leisure, such as taking a bicycle ride, tree climbing, playing tennis, rowing on a canoe or in winter when it snows, skiing down the slope,… And it is also the perfect marvelous place where you may go for a walk, cycling, or just lying in the grass relaxing.


  1. Paleistuin in The Hague

This romantic place is located behind the Royal Stables, Noordeinde Palace and the lively centre of The Hague. It is one of the city parks in The Netherlands that are full of flowerbeds, fountains, hedgerows. And you may find yourself peaceful here because it is a quiet city park where you can go for a walk through scenic beauty and a collection of random artworks.


  1. Kralingse Bos and Plas in Rotterdam

If you want a nice, relaxing time for a day, then this maybe one of your best bets. Here’s the most beautiful and peaceful park in the heart of Rotterdam that is excellent for jogging and other sports. You may go for visiting the golf course or horseback riding around the Kralingse Plas lake, or eating at 3 amazing views of lake and skyline restaurants: Westernmost, De Schone Lei, De Tuin van de Vier Windstreken. Furthermore, there are some cafes in the park. Just wonderful!



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