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As impressive as the cuisine of many other European countries, the Dutch cuisine is known with many nutritious dishes that's not too sophisticated. And it’s special in its specific way.
Phan TrucAugust 5, 20197 min

1. Goudse Kaas

This is traditionally considered as one of the best food in the Netherlands with a long history. The Goudse Kaas flavor has hundreds of varieties and all of them are more special than other types of cheese in the world. It is usually served with bread, fruit or a little wine.

2. Stamppot

Simply mixed with mashed potatoes, seasonal fruits and vegetables, served with bacon and sausage, stamppot is the main daily Dutch meal known as one of the best food in the Netherlands. Not only popular in the country, stamppot is also popular and loved in many other countries in the world.

3. Herring fish

All fish shops in the Netherlands have Herring fish – a nutritious herring species. There is a special way to enjoy this dish: take a fishtail and put it straight into the mouth and eat it with a sandwich, pickles and onions. Herring fish is a delicious dish that is top-enjoyed by most people in the country.

4. Stroopwafel

Known as the country’s most famous pastry, a stroopwafel includes two layers of waffle and sweet caramel filling in the middle, sometimes it has a fragrant honey syrup or hazelnut. The crunchy, sweet and fragrant flavors settle on the tip of tongue. Served with a hot cup of tea, it will be a great dessert for anyone that has a chance to enjoy.

5. Poffertjes

If Vietnamese people have their traditional ‘banh chung’, then poffertjes is the indispensable cake of Dutch in the festival season. Especially, each house has a different way of making this cake and it is considered as a family secret, so the taste of each place will be different, but all are formed from many nutritious ingredients like grits and yeast.


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