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As Amsterdam has culturally grown, the city is not only becoming a hotspot for the art and fashion of the world, but also possessing the selection of fine dining restaurants. The Dutch cuisine has faced a lot of flak for being plain, simple, and perhaps a touch too bland for the international palate. However, there are ‘Top 5 Restaurants in Amsterdam’ prove that those assumptions wrong.


1. De Silveren Spiegel

Centrally located, this restaurant brings a touch of class to Amsterdam’s culinary scene. Dates from the Dutch Golden Age in 17th century, the restaurant spreads its special ambiance of this time period. It also offers a tasting menu with high-standard food, set by the typical interior in such breathtaking surroundings.


2. Jansz.

“Simply beautiful. Beautifully simple”, is what Jansz. is doing with their interior designs as well as food. It is both courteous and tasteful. Whether it’s dover sole, hanger steak or lobster risotto, chef Jeroen Robberegt’s cooking is robust and flavourful. And although dinner is the main thing that people usually go for Jansz., the restaurant also offers nice lunch and happily caters for kids. Jansz. will leave you wanting to return as soon as possible once you’ve been here.


3. De Kas

Occupying a spacious greenhouse, this delightful restaurant serves light, modern and carefully prepared dishes in a fixed daily menu that you can simply choose how many courses you want – prepared with vegetables and herbs grown in their own nursery. The typical flavor of the restaurant is a combination of sweet and sour. Their farm-to-table credentials are impeccable, and the dishes showcase each ingredient at its best.


4. D’Vijff Vlieghen

With a character from years gone by, D’Vijff Vlieghen offers a sumptuous dining experience with lavish décor including some original Rembrandt paintings and Delft Blue tiles. There are differently styled rooms in which this delicious Dutch cuisine is served. And specially, if you order a surprise menu, the chef will decide what sort of hearty Dutch cuisine to offer you.


5. Haesje Claes

Situated between Dam Square and the Spui, offering an authentic and seamless blend of history and traditional Dutch food, the restaurant is named after Lady Haesje Claes – founder of the “Amsterdam Burgerweeshuis”. With several dining rooms and terraces, Haesje Claes restaurant serves an abundance of delicious dishes. They also have a separate gluten free menu, which allows you to taste traditional Dutch specialties.



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