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Twenty minutes from Amsterdam, it’s a charming town, filled with history, beautiful architectures and nice restaurants, Haarlem.
Helena PeiSeptember 23, 201912 min

It must be a wonderful memory to have a date at a beautiful venue such as Toujours or De Bokkedoorns. Check it out with top 5 listed restaurants in Haarlem for a very good trip here.


  1. Toujours

This is the location not for a quick dinner but to pamper yourself from beginning to end. There are so many people tempted to enter this wonderful restaurant by its extremely romantic, modern, stylish but not too posh decoration. Moreover, Toujours Restaurant has honed its menu to perfection and uses modest, simple ingredients to create outstanding meals that are inspired by French cuisine.

Their signature dishes are made from refined and provincial recipes with delicate flavors. A bottle of wine from several French regions must be perfect for your meal at Toujours.


  1. Jopenkerk

Beer brewing was a vital industry in Haarlem. Nowsaday, a brewery in a former church is a great place to visit to recall that moment, Jopenkerk is one of them. The place brews a great variety of unique beers, including beers made with recipes from the middle ages. At Jopenkerk, the head chef also prepares weekly stews served with a generous portion of fried potatoes.

The menu also contains fresh-caught fish and mouth-watering steaks. This invention of building a brewery in the old church has been quite a success as it is almost always packed with young and old people.


  1. De Bokkedoorns

De Bokkedoorns belongs to Pascal Beeren, is compared to a gem in the middle of the dunes of Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. If you are craving for a classic Michelin experience with a slight Dutch twist, this is a very decent restaurant for you to find. Every dish on the menu is prepared lovingly and skillful by the chef Roy Eijkelkamp and his brigade.

Delicious, beautifully decorated and easy to eat food would definitely be what you’d find from this amazing 2 Star-Michelin kitchen.


  1. Frisk aan het Spaarne

At Frisk, everything is possible. Situated in a beautiful historical building (Droste building) on the Spaarne, you can consider to sit inside with a beautiful view on the water or outside on the spacious terrace with view on the St. Bavo and the mill Adriaan. It is pure and fresh in the interior: quiet, a lot of wood, earthenware, plants and warm colors. In Danish, “frisk” stands for “fresh”.

Frisk becomes a hotspot for the whole day with a cooking style based on the Nordic Kitchen: simple, healthy, authentic, green and seasonal with local and fresh products. Frisk is known as a place for young and old, locals, residents of Haarlem or not. Everyone is welcome!


  1. Spaarne 66

Located by the beautiful Spaarne canal, Spaarne 66 is a perfect location that you are looking for any time of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a drink in Haarlem. It has been run by 3 sisters for more than 10 years. While Kim, the oldest, creates what she likes in the kitchen to make the menu varied and surprising, Laura, the youngest, passionately takes you to the wine world with a lot of stories about alcohol. Otherwise, Sophie, the middle sister, serves you a perfect coffee. You can enjoy delicious dishes and matching wines from start to end in a cozy living room atmosphere of Spaarne 66.



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