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The taste of The Hague consists of many cultures and flavor combinations. This list of 'Top 5 Restaurants in The Hague' is a proof!
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Thanks to its history as the center of the former Dutch colony of the East Indies, The Hague has become a cosmopolitan, cultural city that fuses many nationalities and especially, cuisines. The taste of The Hague consists of a myriad of cultures and exciting flavor combinations. Here are 5 restaurants that you can experience in The Hague for the wonderful taste ever.


  1. The Penthouse

Situated on the top floor of The Hague Tower, The Penthouse is known as Holland’s highest restaurant. Dining here, you can have a chance to enjoy the breathtaking view at 135 meters high, as well as the menu with a range of a la carte dishes and small bites.

You can have your own succulent lamb with the fresh, light flavors of asparagus and pea puree, or smoked eel accompanied by poached plaice, topped a mousse of creamed potato and roasted garlic. It must be an unforgettable memory to have dinner here with your partner.


  1. Restaurant Calla’s

Restaurant Calla’s is a small restaurant with an intimate setting and is known as an ideal spot to enjoy a glass of one of their full-bodied Bordeaux reds. Furthermore, the chef can cook for you the most delish dishes in the way of utilizing the finest ingredients such as fresh langoustine and Oosterschelde lobster, and also vegetarian dishes like goat’s cheese with a pistachio crust and young fresh herbs.

It is a real urban city restaurant with the ability to cook regionally. The Michelin Guide describes Restaurant Calla’s as: “The delicious, simple yet refined cuisine served here provides a truly memorable dining experience.”


  1. Catch by Simonis

Catch is an international seafood restaurant, located in the most beautiful place in the Marina, in Scheveningen. The restaurant’s ambiance with sleek, modern and atmospheric interior and very tasteful decoration can give you a wonderful date. The restaurant receives a daily, fresh supply of products directly from the seafood auctions, so they can present and serve the finest pieces of seafood for customers.

Catch’s extensive lunch and dinner menus offer not only fine fish dishes and seafood platters but also quality meat dishes. With the tradition in sourcing and providing seafood, the Simonis family can share this passion with you in their charming place.


  1. Restaurant Zheng (formerly HanTing Cuisine)

The Michelin-Star Restaurant Zheng is located in the heart of The Hague, is believed to be able to give customers the most memorable feeling when dining here. They have cultivated a unique fusion of oriental cuisine with French culinary classics. The most surprising thing is their menu: rather than selecting individual dishes, one is recommended to choose between a blind three, four or five-course menu, each element of which will arrive with the promise of offering entirely new ‘taste sensations’.

While Chef Han puts the most delicious dishes on the tables, his wife works with her top staff for the superior service and hospitality. This is absolutely a work of art of The Hague.


  1. Basaal

Based at Dunne Bierkade, one of the most beautiful canals in the center of The Hague since 2001, Basaal restaurant has delivered to customers the best meal with simple ingredients. They have a warm, contemporary and intimate atmosphere with a stunning terrace and a luxuriously decorated interior. At this restaurant, you can be offered a variety of cuts from Simmental beef, red sorrel with smoked yellow Chioggia, or, the signature dish of crayfish croquettes served with saffron mayonnaise, all matched perfectly with a large selection of wines.

Although Basaal changes the main dishes according to the ingredients that are in season, they always serve cheese plate consistently as a favorite dish.



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