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Tons of museums and galleries and a lot of major Dutch cities are labelled as European cultural capitals. So, what is the better way to honor these titles than visiting them?
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Dutch culture is extremely diverse and fascinating, and finding incredible cultural activities in the Netherlands is never difficult, partly thanks to the country’s impressive quota of world-class museums. Tons of museums and galleries and a lot of major Dutch cities are labelled as European cultural capitals. So, what is the better way to honor these titles than visiting them? Here is the list of must-visit Dutch art museums to all art lovers out there.


  1. Van Gogh Museum

One of the most popular museums in the world, Van Gogh museum attracts visitors from every corner of the globe. More than paintings on the wall, the museum is also a home to exceptional research facilities that add true depth to our knowledge about Van Gogh’s life by his letters and diaries. Explore this beautiful world and you will undoubtedly be moved by the experience.


  1. Museum Bojimans van Beuningen

This is one of the best museums in the Netherlands. It houses an unique collection of paintings, sculptures and everyday objects that shows how everyday objects have changed over the last eight hundred years, from medieval jugs and glassware from Holland’s Golden Age to Rietveld furnitures and contemporary Dutch designs. This place maybe the highlight of your trip to Rotterdam.


  1. The Escher Museum

A very interesting museum showing works of 20th-century artist Maurits Cornelis Escher whose specialty was filling spaces and drawing impossible figures. Especially, it is actually three museums in one: the building itself is the former working palace of four generations of Dutch queens, the rooms contain whimsical crystal chandeliers by contemporary artist Hans van Bentem (Madonna owns one), and then of course there is also Escher artworks.


  1. Anne Frank House

A museum with a history. It is here that Anne Frank, only 15 years old at the moment of her death, wrote her famous diary. You may not only visit the modest hiding rooms of the annex, but also see an original of the diary and an exhibition about the time of hatred brought on people by the Nazis. The house is a moving space and one that should be a must-see for anyone visiting Amsterdam.


  1. Rijksmuseum

This is one of the largest and most breathtaking art museums in the whole world. It acquires a large number of collections of paintings and objects of material culture, prints and classic photography. Recently rebuilt and modernized, the Rijksmuseum is modern in the way of presentation and respectful towards its beautiful historical building.



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